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Micro Switch

Micro Switch

Unionwell micro switches for sale are renowned for their special interior snap action structure, which detects mechanical movements, generates current signals, and controls on-off functions. This category includes various types of wholesale micro switches classified by different standards.

Explore the various types of micro switches for sale from Unionwell, a professional micro switch manufacturer, or contact us for custom micro switch tailored to your needs. We provide a one-stop service for your satisfaction.

Types of Micro Switches for Sale

By Unionwell

Waterproof Micro Switch

Pin plunger, gaps at every outer position are perfectly sealed for protection against harsh operating environments of water flush or high humidity.
By Unionwell

Basic Micro Switch

Classic switch with typical construction, best choice for use in home appliances.
By Unionwell

Air Pressure Micro Switch GPS100

Designed for gas water heaters, boilers, or HVAC devices, help detecting air pressure change.
By Unionwell

Ice Maker Micro Switch G5W11

Unionwell provided Ice Maker Micro Switch G5W11 is specially made for ice makers. It can also be used for automobiles, farming equipment, office automation, etc.
By Unionwell

Dishwasher Micro Switch G5T16

Unionwell Dishwasher Micro Switch G5T16 can sense the dishwasher door status and detect the float valve water level. Equipped with various certifications and several PTI grades to choose from.
By Unionwell

Oven Micro Switch G5H26

Unionwell Oven Micro Switch G5H26 has different kinds of terminals and levers to meet your need. Customization is also supported.
By Unionwell

Refrigerator Micro Switch G91P1

Unionwell Refrigerator Micro Switch G91P1 is specially made for refrigerators and has a long life expectancy.
By Unionwell

Mini Micro Switch

The word ''mini'', means the switch is of smaller size and has a more precise contact structure.
By Unionwell

Ultra Mini Micro Switch

Designed for use in ultra small space of intelligent, industrial or gaming control.
By Unionwell

Large Limit Switch G12

Basic limit switch with stable performance carrying high current.
By Unionwell

Mini Tact Switch G1/G17

Special double levers are designed to achieve fast switching in minimum movement.
By Unionwell

Detector Micro Switch GT01

Simply detecting function with multi choices of operating forces.
By Unionwell

Double Pole Double Throw Micro Switch

Unique 4 pins/terminals design offering more options in circuits control.

FAQs of Micro Limit Switches for Sale

What is a micro switch used for?

For status detecting, signal generating or on-off control. Micro Limit Switch is mainly used for automotive, home appliances, new energy and industrial control. Typical application include different latching or detecting devices in automotive vehicles, appliances like dishwasher, ice maker, washing machine,  refrigerator, coffee machine, vacuum cleaner, and etc.

Why is it called microswitch?

Because of its snap action mechanism with small movement and rapid switching function. The word "micro" means small or tiny, so micro switch is small in size, whose normal length does not exceed 30mm; and the inner machanical structure is also in mini dimensions;  not to mention the featured snap action mechanism accomplished by small but rapid switching movements. 

How many types of switches are there? What are they?

It depends, if classified by function, there are three types provided by micro switch manufacturers- detecting switch, setting switch, inputting switch.

Where are micro switches commonly used?

Automotive industry, home appliances, new energy, industrial control and gaming control. For instance, lock system in cars, dishwasher, EV charging devices, automatic lubrication system, and mechanical keyboards.

How does a micro switch work?

A micro switch functions through a simple mechanism with three main parts: an actuator (like a lever or plunger), a spring, and electrical contacts. When the actuator is pressed or released, it moves the spring to a critical point where it snaps into a new position. This movement quickly changes the state of the electrical contacts inside the switch, either opening or closing them.

How to test a micro switch?

To test a micro switch, start with a visual inspection for damage or wear.

Use a multimeter set to continuity mode to probe across the switch terminals; it should show low resistance (closed circuit) when the switch is pressed and high resistance (open circuit) when released.

Operate the switch to confirm it audibly clicks and controls the device as intended.

Document your findings for reference.

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RM1311, Renfeng Building, No. 490, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510630.
RM1311, Renfeng Building, No. 490, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510630.