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How to Wire the Micro Switch? What Types Are There?

What is a micro switch? When you hear the words, micro switch, you may feel very strange, and you don't know about it at all. The micro switches for sale has always been there, but we just don't know about it, there is a lot of knowledge that we need to understand clearly, for example, how is the micro switch wired. Learn the general knowledge of the micro switch and apply it to your life.

1. Wiring method of micro switch

The method of micro switch wiring is actually very simple, generally the micro switch has three terminals, the common terminal, the normally open terminal, and the other is the normally closed terminal. The common terminal is like the null line in the socket, the normally open terminal is to open the switch, so that the current flows through the point, and the normally closed terminal is of course to disconnect the current through the contact, and the corresponding point is connected to the corresponding position. Although the wiring method of the micro switch seems very simple, it is still necessary to make relevant preparation measures in advance.

2. Types of micro switch

There are many micro switches types, and there are hundreds of internal structures. According to the volume, there are ordinary type, small and super small types. According to the protection performance, there are waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof type; According to the breaking form, there are single-link, double-link, multi-link types.

Currently there is a strong disconnection micro switch (when the switch reed does not work, external force can also make the switch off); According to the breaking capacity, there are ordinary type, DC type, micro current type, large current type.

According to the use of environment, there are ordinary type, high temperature resistant type (250℃), super high temperature resistant ceramic type (400℃). The micro switch generally has no auxiliary pressing accessories, which is the basic type, and there is also small stroke type, and large stroke type. Different auxiliary pressing accessories can be added according to needs. According to the different pressing auxiliary switches, it can be divided into push-button type, reed roller type, lever roller type, short boom type, long boom type and other types.

There are a lot of things that we need to learn about micro switch. It may seem complicated at first, but as long as we look at it patiently and think about it, it is not that difficult to understand.

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RM1311, Renfeng Building, No. 490, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510630.