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What Are the Three Points to Pay Attention to when Using Limit Switches?

Limit switch, a kind of position switch (also known as travel switch), is a common small current cam controller household appliance. The impact of the energy component is used to make the contact position to complete the connection or disconnection of the control circuit to achieve a certain control purpose. Generally, this type of switch is used to limit the position or stroke of molecular thermal movement, so that the movement machine can automatically stop, reciprocate, change speed or fully automatic back and forth movement according to a certain position or stroke.

Micro limit switches are widely used in various CNC lathes and lifting equipment to control their travel and carry out terminal positioning protection. In the control loop of the elevator car, the limit switch is also used to control the speed of opening and closing the landing door, the positioning of the fully automatic opening and closing door, and the upper and lower limit protection of the elevator car.

What should be paid attention to when using micro limit switches?

1. Electrical standards for micro limit switches

The switching value of AC micro switch and DC is very different, please use the micro limit switch within the rated range. In a DC field, the control force is very low. This is because it does not have a zero point. Once an arc is generated, it is difficult to subside and the arc takes a long time.

And the direction of the current is determined, so there will be a contact transfer phenomenon so that the contact cannot be broken due to unevenness.

2. Touch protection circuit of micro limit switch

In order to better increase the service life of the limit switch contacts, avoid noise, and reduce the carbon or sodium cyanide caused by the arc, the contacts should be used to protect the power circuit. But if the wrong operation, it is likely to outweigh the gain.

3. Application environment of micro limit switch

Do not use limit switches alone in the presence of flammable or combustible gas mixtures. Because the switch is hot and causes an arc, it will cause a fire or an explosion. The switch is not a moisture-proof structure, so a protective cover should be used to prevent oil or water from spilling, flying or direct liquid from dust adhesion.

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RM1311, Renfeng Building, No. 490, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510630.