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Home Appliances and Micro Switches

In most cases, components in home appliances may suffer extreme temperature, humidity, or vibration, Unionwell micro switches G5/G6/G9 Series and SWP/SWD fridge switches are the best choices.

Unionwell Micro Switches for Home Appliances

Home appliances have become basic needs in usual life and with a high percentage of automation, which is all thanks to the use of micro switches. While facing the harsh operating environment of heat or humidity, requires the excellent performance of micro switches.

Unionwell switches are featured with high reliability under various extreme temperatures/humidity, compact size, and global safety certifications. Among them, SWD Series even has an optional ATEX explosion-proof design. 

G5/G6/G9 /SWP/SWD Series is mainly for use in dishwashers, ice makers, washing machines, dryers, mixers, vacuum cleaners, robotic cleaners, refrigerators, ovens, etc.

Dishwasher Structure Appliances Micro Switch

Appliance Micro Switch in Dishwashers

  1. Door status detecting

    The dishwasher door latch serves two purposes. The first purpose is to pull the door tight and keep it closed to prevent water leaks; the second is as a safety switch. A dishwasher will not run if the door is not properly latched. If the dishwasher will not run or attempts to run with the door open, there may be a faulty dishwasher door latch. Unionwell G5 RAST-5 Series micro switch can be used as a mechanical sensor in such a situation, if the door is locked appropriately, the actuator will be triggered and a signal will be sent, the dishwasher will be in stand-by status. Oppositely, while the door is not latched in position, a warning signal will also be sent to turn the spray system into idle status.

    Dishwasher Normal Water Level Micro Switch Dishwasher Normal Water Level Micro Switches

  2. Water level detection and control in float valve

    A Unionwell G5 RAST2.5 Series micro switch is placed at the bottom of a float valve, if the water level is under normal position, the actuator will be activated and the pump will be turned on; while it raises to overflow level, the actuator will be released and move back to free position, the pump will be disconnected automatically in case of leaks.

Other Home Appliance Micro Switch

In an ice maker, the micro switch helps to prevent overflow or damage to the machine by ensuring that the ice tray is not overfilled. The ice maker micro switch is used to detect the presence of ice in the ice tray. When the ice maker cycles, a small arm or paddle moves with the ice tray, and when the ice level reaches a certain height, it will push against the micro switch, which will then signal the ice maker to stop making ice. When the ice level drops, the arm or paddle will no longer activate the micro switch, and the ice maker will begin to make more ice.

In air conditioners, air micro switches are used to detect the air pressure and temperature inside the unit. This information is used to regulate the compressor and ensure that the air conditioner is operating at maximum efficiency. In addition, air micro switch is also used to detect changes in air pressure and trigger safety features such as the automatic shut-off switch. This helps to prevent damage to the air conditioner and ensure the safety of the user.

RM1311, Renfeng Building, No. 490, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510630.
RM1311, Renfeng Building, No. 490, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510630.