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Development of Micro Switches for Automotive Applications

1. Development of micro switch in the automotive industry

With the development of driverless technology, a richer set of control functions is needed inside the automotive vehicle. When traveling in driverless cars, drivers will be given more time for entertainment or work. This diverse mix of needs means that the development of generic solutions will be an impossible task; each automaker will develop its own unique strategy for its own situation, thereby increasing the fragmentation of the market in terms of product.

In addition, there are other emerging application scenarios that also require different solutions, typically including electronic locks with handle electrification and the interaction between car keys and smartphones. With the adoption of sensing technology, cost and reliability concerns will ensure that micro switch products are used in NOHMI conditions.

In short, standard solutions have gone down the drain. Ultra subminiature microswitches are increasingly in demand and they need to ensure that performance is accurately achieved; for example, detecting types of microswitches that provide accurate current data when a certain level or range of force is applied by the car user. In many cases, the switches are customized to meet the various needs of automotive manufacturers.

2. Development and changes of micro switches in the automotive market

It is clear that the automotive market will face disruption, evolution, and a pattern of extinction. Disruption exists because the uncertainty of the future path and magnitude of change is still very high, but it is certain that the automotive market still has millions of units to meet.

With each OEM following its own unique path, the solutions required will vary, leaving component suppliers with an extremely diverse market.

The evolution is mainly from a variety of hybrid solutions, they need to combine different features and components, more flexible to deal with each individual function.

Based on this trend, cross-market solutions in the consumer electronics sector will also have the opportunity to grow. The ultra subminiature micro switch for automotive door locks and car seat latches are also facing a path of innovation and evolution.

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RM1311, Renfeng Building, No. 490, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510630.