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Analysis of Definition of Micro Switch

1. The impression of employees who are not in the micro switch industry on switches:

Every one of us comes into contact with switches every day, and the most common one is basically the light switch, which is the wall switch.

In our impression, "switch" is a very simple product. Press up to turn on the light and press down to turn off the light; In fact, there are many kinds of switches, and it is not easy to do a good job of each kind of switch.

The mechanism motion model, electrical contact theory, the selection of hardware and plastic materials and application knowledge, as well as international standards and certification knowledge are involved.

2. General definition of micro switch:

Switches are controlled by external forces and electrical signals are mechanically switched. Specifically, it works by "on" and "off" operation of the electronic circuit or by switching the circuit itself.

3. Description of current flow path of micro switch

Switch the contact of the movable piece from NC terminal to NO terminal through the operation of the switch button to realize the switch of the current circuit.

4. IEC standard definition of micro switch

(1) Definition of mechanical switches (IEC61058:3.1.2)

Mechanical switch gear capable of switching on, carrying and breaking current under normal circuit conditions (including specified operating overload conditions) and carrying current under specified abnormal circuit conditions (such as short circuit) for specified periods of time.

(2) Definition of electronic switch (IEC61058:3.1.27)

An appliance capable of switching on, carrying and breaking and/or controlling current under normal circuit conditions (including specified overload conditions) and carrying current for specified periods of time under specified abnormal conditions (e.g. short circuit). The appliance contained may be mechanical. They may also be electronic operating parts, transmission mechanisms and switching devices, but at least one of them must be electronic.

IEC61058-1:2010 version of mechanical switch and electronic switch in the same standard: IEC61058-1:2016 split up the mechanical switch and electronic switch: IEC61058-1-1 corresponds to mechanical switch. IEC61058-1-2 corresponds to the electronic switch.

5. Definition of micro switch: (industry terms)

Micro switch is a kind of quick changeover switch that applies pressure to actuate. Because the contact spacing of the switch is relatively small, so it gets the name of micro switch, also called sensitive switch.

The micro switch has a small gap and a quick mechanism, with the specified stroke and force for switching action of the contact mechanism, which is covered by the shell. It has an external actuator and small shape.

It works as follows:

The external mechanical force acts on the action reed through the transmission element (press pin, button, lever, roller, etc.). When the action reed is displaced to the critical point, instantaneous action is generated, so that the moving contact at the end of the action reed is quickly connected or disconnected from the stationary contact.

When the force on the transmission element is removed, the action reed produces reverse action force. When the reverse travel of the transmission element reaches the action critical point of the reed, the reverse action is completed instantaneously. Micro switch has a small contact spacing, short action stroke, small pressing force, and rapid on/off operation. The action speed of the moving contacts is independent of the action speed of the driving element.

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RM1311, Renfeng Building, No. 490, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510630.